Individualist Anarchism / Revolutionary Sexualism:

Writings by Émile Armand  // 138 pp.

From the introductory notes:

This booklet is a compilation of original and already existing translations of short texts by Émile Armand (1872-1963), one of the principal figures of French individualist anarchism. About half of the pieces are short polemical bursts in which his simultaneously familiar and remote voice rings out in vindication of individual autonomy. The other half of these writings showcase Armand’s remarkable argument for considering questions of sex and sexuality as vital components of an individual’s process of self-emancipation, as well as part of any conceivable voluntary association. This is the question Armand referred to, in the one longer piece included here, as “revolutionary sexualism.” The compilation is intended as a contribution to the recent resurgence of interest in individualist and egoist strains in anarchism in the North American milieu.

This anthology contains thirteen texts, combining five new translations and seven existing ones; of the new ones, two, including the long piece “Revolutionary Sexualism,” are unavailable elsewhere. The rest are available at The Anarchist Library and The Libertarian Labyrinth.

It also includes “Critical Comments on Revolutionary Sexualism,” a provocation by Alejandro de Acosta.

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