On Play and Games by Alejandro de Acosta // 32 pp.

Two conjoined essays written four years apart. Published together for the first time…

Suppose that we are already playing (me, in
writing this; you, in reading it) and that in realizing
it we come to admit that in some way everything
is a game–everything personal, everything social,
and everything cultural, anyway, including what
seems least playful: work, or struggle, for example.

Suppose again that we go on (or realize we
can’t stop) playing and allow ourselves to discover
or invent the conceit that there are games in
nature, too, something like a grand cosmic game
that interminably bleeds into whatever we might
have thought intimate and social life involve. Or
could involve, from the most forgettable and trivial
exchanges to the cruelest act.

Play and Games